IAS Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla is CIA asset

Govt acts on Hindu Samaj complaint IAS Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla is CIA asset

11-June-2023 7:12am IST, New Delhi

Action taken:

The complaint has been processed in F. No. 104/52/2023-AVD-IA (pt.5) for forwarding to the Cabinet Secretariat for the consideration of GoS as they are the competent authority.


1. That designated Nodal officers of MHA, Survey of India, MEA (IBD) have all issued official notices, separately, under the Information Technology Act calling for prosecution of M/s WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION, USA for sedition and acts affecting the Defence of India, sovereignity, unity and integrity of India and for causing disaffection in the people. These notices under section 79(3)(b) of IT Act were based inter-alia on complaints of members of HINDU Samaj.

2. This Shri Ajay Kumar Bhalla is a corrupt officer on the payroll of WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION and receives funding into overseas accounts in names of his family members to ensure that the aforesaid notices are not acted upon and the MHA Joint Secretary in Internal Security Division consistently opposes taking action prescribed against M/s WIKIMEDIA to block their websites in India

3. That Shri Ajay Kumar Bhalla was heavily bribed to allow visas to senior officers of Wikimedia USA to hold a seditious conference at IIIT Hyderabad in March 2023 which is the subject of CPGRAMS no. MINHA/E/2023/0006279, MINHA/E/2023/0006281 and MINIT/E/2023/0001178 which are all unreplied and overdue by over 1 month due to Shri Bhalla's interference. No arrests were made at instance of Bhalla

4. That despite the aforesaid pending CPGRAMS minutely describing the presence in India of these spies like Asaf Bartov, Shri Bhalla took yet another bribe to grant visas to M/s Wikimedia people from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka , USA, Italy and Israel to hold yet another conference of spies and seditionists at Hyatt Hotel, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, from 28th to 30th April 2023.