CIC Saroj Punhani ChatGPT dictated decisions

Does CIC Central Information Commissioner Saroj Punhani use ChatGPT to dictate decisions ?

10-May-2023 07:42am IST, New Delhi

A vigilance compliant no. DOPAT/E/2023/0008745 has been filed to India's Ministry of Personnel and Training containing allegation of corruption / misconduct in matters related to the legally binding United Nations Convention on Corruption, against CIC Central Information Commissioner Saroj Punhani for indulging in Bribery and trading in influence (arts. 15, 16, 18 and 21 of the Convention, with the following allegations:-

1. Ms. Saroj Punhani issued hearing notice to Mr. Ram Gopal, senior citizen aged 68 yrs and covered in scope of the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955 for 5 RTI 2nd Appeal hearings on 01.05.2023 between 12:15 PM and 12:35 PM, ie for 5 minutes per hearing

2. Ms. Punhani took up Mr. Ram Gopal's matters through intra video-conferencing at about 12:42 PM, and strangely after listening to Mr. Gopal for only about 3 minutes, began acting as if uncontrollably twitching and grimacing in spasms like she is having fits, and also began raving incomprehensibly. Thereupon a female voice waved a hand over the video and declared all the hearings were concluded and Ms. Punhani left her seat.

3. Mr. Ram Gopal promptly sent an email (attached) to Chief Commissioner Mr Y.K. Sinha asking for rehearing of his adjourned matters, to which no reply is received

4. On 10.05.2023. Mr. Ram Gopal was shocked to know that decisions have strangely been delivered in all his matters, which bear no relation whatsoever to the facts of his matter. Highly defamatory remarks have also been made against Mr. Ram Gopal.

5. It is alleged that for bribes Ms. Saroj Punhani is corruptly passing mechanical decisions in high profile matters involving serious fraud, loss of government records and corruption, against the appellants and complainants who appear before her, and to favour the CPIOs who appear before her. Accordingly I say she is indulging in Bribery and trading in influence (arts. 15, 16, 18 and 21 of the Convention).