CBEC Vanaja N Sarna named in CIC flesh trading racket

Information Commissioner Vanaja N Sarna now named in CIC flesh trading racket

13-May-2023 09:49pm IST, New Delhi

After the scandal of Chief Information Commissioner Y.K. Sinha being blackmailed by a notorious pimp, the name of another Information Commissioner Ms. Vanaja N Sarna has also emerged for publishing the mobile numbers of West Bengal call girls in her decisions.

A series of complaints by the Punjab based Adi Dharm Prachar Samiti which represents 22% of the scheduled castes in that state, reveals how Ms. Vanaja N Sarna threw privacy concerns to the winds when she published that a virtuous lady of Bengal is a prostitute and call girl without any personal knowledge of the same. Ms. Sarna then proceeded to publish many mobile numbers of call girls controlled by the notorious pimp in her decisions in the samne way Mr. Y.K. Sinha did..

It had been previously alleged that the Chief Information Commissioner Mr. Y.K. Sinha was being blackmailed by the flesh traders who defamed and then forced females into flesh trade. Sinha, who is well known for demanding appearance fees for attending lavish parties in 5 star hotels thrown by liquor companies, is equally known for regularly coming to office in the CIC with a hangover and starting his hearings at 12 noon instead of 10:30 am. CIC sources say the stench of stale alcohol on his breath being so common, Sinha now holds all his hearings over video conference using the pretext of COVID-19.

The complaints against these 2 Information Commissioners of the Khan Market Gang is pending with the President of India. Sinha had already reached Rashtrapathi Bhawan with his box of sweets, while Ms. Sarna is presumably selecting a nice selection of sweets for the Commander in Chief.