CIC Y.K. Sinha trapped by flesh traders

Is CIC Chief Information Commissioner Y.K. Sinha trapped by flesh traders ?

11-May-2023 18:27pm IST, New Delhi

The Hindu Raksha Dal, has complained to President of India in PRSEC/E/2023/0017142 about the most depraved, promiscuous and shameless Chief Information Commissioner of India, Shri Y.K. Sinha IFS (retired) who called on the President on 29 March 2023 at Rashtrapathi Bhawan to deliver his customary box of sweets.

CIC YK Sinha with President of India 29-March-2023

The Hindu Raksha Dal is highly agitated that her Excellency met this person appointed by her predecessor in office, who is openly taking bribes to defame innocent ladies who are victims of domestic violence to force them into sex trade.

The conscience of Hindu Samaj was collectively outraged when, on 18.April.2022, Shri Y.K. Sinha repeatedly published on website of Central Information Commission, under his name, signature and official seal of the Commission that a most pure and virtuous Bengali lady Ms. Amrita Sanyal daughter of Mr. A.K.Sanyal is a 38+ year old call girl. On the instructions of a notorious pimp of Bengal, Shri Y.K. Sinha proceeded to publish in his decisions, certain mobile numbers of call girls and escort services in Bengal as being that of Ms. Amrita Sanyal.

The CIC orders pased by Shri Sinha were attached.alongwith the complaint

The Hindu Raksha Dal had come learn to that these multiple acts of moral turpitude on part of Shri Y.K. Sinha were done as he is being blackmailed by the said pimp who has compromised Shri Y.K. Sinha, and through Shri Sinha certain other Infoirmation Commissioners also.

The Hindu Raksha Dal says this is a formal complaint to the appointing authority, accordingly, the actions prescribed under Right to Information Act 2005, and also UN Convention on Corruption may be immediately initiated to dismiss Shri Y.K. Sinha from his office.

NB: It is pertinent to mention that the previous President of India had ignored the dissent note opposing Shri Y.K. Sinha's appointment.

CIC YK Sinha trapped by flesh trader