Corrupt IAS Secretary spoiled Indian Army win Asian Games medal

Did this "corrupt" IAS Secretary sink the chances of Indian Army to win medals in next Asian Games ?

03-May-2023 03:21am IST, New Delhi

The serious allegations against Ms. Chaturvedi include corruption, nepotism, and favouritism in the selection of the horse-rider combinations to represent India in the upcoming Asian Games. It is alleged that Ms. Chaturvedi has colluded with office bearers of Equestrian Federation of India (EFI) to favor a cabal of super rich foreign-based Indian riders who have stabled their horses abroad.

This has resulted in the exclusion of dozens of local Indian defence forces riders qualifying for Asian Games on excellent Indian horses maintained with government funds by the Indian Army and paramilitary cavalry units. Instead some overseas Indian privateers who bribed the corrupt IAS babus of Khan Market Gang will take their place. To placate the Army riders, its proposed a limited set of poor quality foreign horses will be leased in Europe at highly inflated charges from the international horse-leasing cartel/mafias. It is alleged that huge kickbacks are involved in this shady deal, which shall cause a loss of public funds. A judgment of the Delhi High Court had already highlighted the conflict of interest of a senior committee member of EFI in the horse trading business.

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The consequence of this ill-advised decision is that our Army and Police riders, if at all they qualify again, will be riding foreign horses instead of Indian ones. This loss of India's national pride is also a severe blow to the morale of those dedicated Indian riders who have been training hard for the upcoming Asian Games on their familiar horses.

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The EFI is tasked with the development of equestrian sports in India but has failed to fulfil its mandate. Ms. Chaturvedi, who is the Govt Secretary in the Ministry of Sports, has allegedly been long aware of the mismanagement in the EFI but took no steps to control it. Chaturrvedi took no action when Impersonating horsemen win medals as Indian riders at nationals

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The Government of India must take decisive action to end the corrupt practices within the EFI and and clean its Augean stables. The complaint filed against Ms. Chaturvedi is much needed considering the Asian Games are a prestigious international event, and India's medal tallies are a matter of pride for all Indians. It is thus imperative, in the national interest, that the selection of horse-rider combinations is done fairly and transparently, without any bias or corruption.

Story filed:with additional inputs from INDIANEWSCO.COM and the Indian Express news reports cited.

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