UIDAI CEO Saurabh Garg IAS sacked in spy espionage scandal

UIDAI CEO Saurabh Garg IAS, transferred after spy scandal espionage complaint.

21-May-2023 17:26pm IST, New Delhi

A vigilance complaint by the chief of Hindu Rashtra Dal has resulted in the transfer of IAS officer Saurabh Garg out from the highly sensitive posting as CEO of Aadhar Unique Identity Authority of India or UIDAI.

The complaint alleged "Shri Saurabh Garg, IAS:1991 ID No. : 01OR025001 is working for foreign intelligence agencies/ governments for very long time. Shri Garg is presently posted as CEO of UIDAI and in a very sensitive position where he is ideally placed to compromise the nation's security."

It was further alleged "While ostensibly being sent to liase with World Bank, he was actually pursuing a Full Time 5 year PhD at the Paul Nitze School of International Studies which had been arranged for him by foreign intelligence agencies to train him. He has since been working to undermine India's security. As head of the UIDAI he is ideally placed to leak all the biometric data of billions of Indian citizens to foreign interests. It is no coincidence that UIDAI's major IT vendors have strong links with foreign intelligence agencies and should never have been selected."

The complaint demanded that Shri Garg be moved to a non-sensitive posting. The powerful vigilance complaint was closed on 24th March 2023 on the written instructions of DoPT Secretary Ms. S.Radha Chauhan and Garg was transferred w.e.f 12 April 2023 to Ministry of Social Justice.