Deepti Umashankar, IAS (HRY:1993) gets Vigilance OM

Govt acts on Hindu Raksha Dal complaint that IAS Deepti Umashankar is corrupt officer

22-December, 2023, 11:43 PM IST, New Delhi.

Top IAS officer Deepti Umashankar, IAS (HRY:1993) posted in DoPT gets Vigilance OM no. No. 104/52/2022-AVD-IA (pt.5) for inquiry as corrupt officer.

The Complaint no. DOPAT/E/2023/0012044 against UMASHANKAR was filed by Dr. Rajinder Singh Dalvi, CEO of HINDU RAKSHA DAL after Umashankar strangely failed to issue show cause notice to 3 Central Govt officers who were illegally pursuing full time LLB degree in Uttar Pradesh while being employed as Director level officers in Central Information Commission at New Delhi.

HINDUNEWS has obtained a copy of the following complaint against a senior IAS officer who is a lynch pin of the Khan Market gang

Ms. Radha S Chauhan
Secretary DoPT

This formal VIGILANCE COMPLAINT is made to Secretary DoPT by name and designation for prompt and appropriate action.

I am highly aggrieved that Ms. DEEPTI UMASHANKAR, IAS (1993:Haryana cadre) presently employed as Establishment Officer and Additional Secretary in Dept of Personnel and Training is a corrupt officer.

The allegations against her is as follows:

  1. That Ms. UMASHANKAR corruptly interfered to ensure that my CPGRAMS complaint no. DOPAT/E/2023/0011206 against 3 corrupt Central services officers of Central Information Commission deputed through her office was delayed beyond the 30 days prescribed for resolution.

  2. That Ms. UMASHANKAR conducted discreet inquiries which fully corroborated my allegations of complaint no. DOPAT/E/2023/0011206

  3. That thereafter Ms. UMASHANKAR , after receiving bribes, got my complaint transferred to IR Division of DoPT, so that it could be forwarded to CIC to be avoided under some pretext or other, after 30 days had expired.

  4. That Ms. UMASHANKAR for corrupt reasons and for her own personal benefit evaded issuing show cause notice to these 3 Central employees, despite confirming the correctness of my allegations. It seems the only purpose of her conducting discreet enquries with her DoPT colleague Ms. Rashmi Chaudhry (now posted as Secretary CIC) was to extract bribes.

  5. That section 13(6) of RTI Act very clearly lays down that these 3 officers are all Central Govt employees on deputation through EO office. Hence, any disciplinary action against them is to be taken by Central Government and not by the CIC. In the alternative it may be clearly communicated to me that my allegations are false.


  1. Inquire into the matter so as to prosecute all Central Govt employees complained against. In the alternative it may be clearly communicated to me that my allegations against those 3 officers are false and baseless.

A subsequent complaint by Dr. Dalvi is also pending against Umashankar and other DoPT officers like Ms. Rashmi Chowdhary who is now posted as Secretary Central Information Commission. It was alleged therein that Ms. Rashmi Chowdhary is bribed for allowing dummy (proxy) attendance of the 3 CIC officers in Central Information Commission. Biometric attendance had been disabled for these 3 officers under pretext of COVID-19.

A source in Govt who declined to be identified indicated that the 3 officers are

  1. Mr. Rahul Rastogi (ITS : 1998) posted as Director Level videOM dt. 26.07.2019
  2. Mr. Brajesh Kumar Pandey (IDAS: 2006) posted as Director level vide OM dt. 15.09.2021
  3. Mr. AjitKumar VasantRao Sontakke (IOFS:2009) as Director level vide OM dt. 07.06.2023

In the meantime Ms. Rashmi Chowdhary is understood to be making all out efforts to get a Secretary level post in Govt. of India.

The entire HINDU community earnestly hopes that Shri Narendra Modi shall weed out such kinds of officers who are giving his government a bad name.