Hindu community up in arms against anti-Hindu UCC proposal of Law Commisison

Hindu Raksha Dal

PRESS RELEASE : 14 July 2023
Copy of Memorial Submitted to Law Commission of India on behalf of 280 million Hindus of India.

To: The Law Commission of India
Through Member Secretary LCI


Brief Response to LCI Public Notice : Subject: Uniform Civil Code - Reg, dated 14/06/2023, on behalf of Hindu Samaj and our affiliated organisations

Date: 13 July 2023

Sirs / Madam,

We, the following religious associations / bodies / organisations affiliated to the HINDU SAMAJ of INDIA desire to respond to the subject Public Notice. Our collective reach and influence is over 28 crore Hindus of Hindustan.

We submit and object that we are at a loss to know what precisely we are actually supposed to respond to considering that there is no formal draft proposal or questionnaire before us.

We submit that many of our bodies had responded, in considerable detail, to the questionnaire issued by 21st Law Commission in 2016 and also the subsequent consultation requests. We were thus gratified when the previous Commission came to the inevitable conclusion that the Uniform Civil Code was un-implementable and not to be done in haste.

We, having deliberated and consulted amongst ourselves, wish to state and reiterate our below common position in this matter of UCC on behalf of the HINDU community of India and the Hindu Diaspora.

  1. Any proposal for a Universal Civil Code is ANTI-HINDU. There is no need for any additional Civil Code for Hindus at the present time. We firmly oppose, and neither do we desire, that the far superior Hindu Civil Code be allowed for Muslims or Christians as it shall greatly benefit those communities to increase their populations, especially through deceitful conversions, so as to eventually outnumber and dominate the Hindus. Currently one of the major safeguards against conversion of Hindus into Islam and Christianity is the medieval era laws of those communities. Once their laws are improved, many educated Hindus, fed up with the current charlatanism of unregulated and chaotic idol-worshipping "Hinduism", shall definitely flock in large numbers to well organised religions like Islam having a definite theology and well funded international brotherhoods unlike the fractious charlatan dominated "Hinduism".

  2. It is clear to the entire Hindu Samaj that Universal Civil Code is a malicious device devised to obliterate the ancient Hindu way of life and merge Hindus into the so-called Abrahamic religions like Islam, Judaism and Christianity. The Hindu Samaj has noted with considerable alarm the great bonhomie the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi has subserviently developed with the foreign Judeo-Christian imperialists who enslaved India, economically and physically. It seems the present reckless Government is hell bent on converting the Hindu nation (ie. Hindustan) into a slave colony of the Judeo-Christian nations like USA, UK, Australia, Japan and France etc. and convert Hindus into Christians, Muslims or Jews worker drones etc. or for Indians to supply soldiers to fight the wars of these countries through alliances like "Quad", like Indians did in World Wars I and II, through foreign designed mercenary short-service schemes like "Agniveer".

  3. We say collectively, If at all there is a need for any law, it is for a national law / enactment to prohibit religious conversion of Hindus by religions such as Islam and Christianity.

  4. We say collectively, there is no need for any new Civil laws for the so-called secularists of India. They already have the following Judeo-Christian British era laws for themselves, which are more than adequate for all those persons who voluntarily desire to opt out from the religious laws of their communities.

i) Indian Penal Code,
ii) Special Marriages Act,
iii) Indian Succession Act,
iv) Guardians and Wards Act,
v) Code of Civil Procedure,
vi) Caste Removal Disabilities Act
vii) Transfer of Property Act, etc.

  1. We say collectively, there is a certain section of homosexual / pan-sexual persons in India who practice unnatural sex, whom we collectively describe herein as "LGBTQs" (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transsexuals, Queers etc.). These persons, and their sexual partnerships, are deliberately excluded from the definitions of marriages, adoption and inheritance etc. from the laws of India and prohibited criminally by the sodomy laws. The Hindu Samaj is alarmed that the country is being silently taken over and controlled by a secret cabal of Judeo-Christian indoctrinated homosexuals in high positions. A few of such persons, some with foreign partners of same sex, often children of former Supreme Court judges and senior advocates, are now even proposed to be appointed as judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts. Hence, the Hindu Samaj desires that the Government of India should expeditiously enact a special law for such LGBTQ persons as a separate community of persons who are currently outside the pale of the existing religious and secular laws of India. To put it very bluntly, by way of example, a Hindu LGBTQ follower of the essentially homosexual cult of Ramakrishna Paramhans, run by the essentially homosexual Ramakrishna Mission, with essentially homosexual persons like (deceased) Swami Vivekananda, shall have to choose in law whether he wishes to be a Hindu or to be an LGBTQ. The same shall apply to those celibate homosexual Christian priests and Christian LGBTQs. The entire Hindu Samaj has noted, with considerable alarm, that it is the present Prime Minister of India, who incidentally has absolutely no respect for the sacred institution of marriage having apparently abandoned his Hindu wife to follow the essentially un-Hindu homosexual cult of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda, who is so insistent on bringing in this UCC to greatly benefit the LGBTQ community through the backdoor of amending the "secular" laws listed in the previous paragraph or tinkering with the existing religious laws of India.

  1. Accordingly, we the following bodies of persons constituting the Hindu Samaj of India, firmly and resolutely oppose any so-called UNFORM CIVIL CODE at the present time or at any time. We collectively say that if it is sought to be imposed on us we shall electorally, politically and physically on the streets of India, oppose whichever political party or grouping seeks to impose it on the Hindu community. We also desire that a special law for LGBTQs is enacted as soon as possible so that they can come into the open and be publicly identifiable.

This Memorial is submitted on behalf of the Hindu Samaj of India and subscribed by the following representative bodies of Indian / Hindu / democratically aware persons numbering approximately 280 million persons.

  1. Adi Dharm Prachar Samiti (https://www.adidharm.in)
  2. Arya Samaj of India (https://www.aryasamajindia.in)
  3. Arya Samaj of UK (https://www.aryasamaj.uk)
  4. Brahman Samaj (https://www.brahmansamaj.in)
  5. Brahmo Samaj (https://www.brahmosamaj.in)
  6. Hindu Raksha Dal (https://www.hindurakshadal.org)
  7. Hindu Rashtra Dal (https://www.hindurashtradal.in)
  8. Swadeshi Jagran Manch (https://www.swadeshijagranmanch.com)
  9. Communist International Marxist-Leninist (https://www.urbannaxal.in)
  10. National Campaign for Political Reform in India (https://www.ncpri.in)

NB: We all especially desire to be heard in person before the Law Commission in the event that public hearings or consultations are being held. The hearing notices for all these persons may be communicated also through their Common UCC Secretariat of the Hindu Samaj of India.

Hindu Samaj of India (https://www.hindusamaj.in) and UCC Secretariat for the above mentioned bodies,

Signed hard copy being sent by Speedpost also.